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1683 West Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Monday: 9AM - 9PM

Tuesday: 9AM - 9PM

Wednesday: 9AM - 9PM

Thursday: 9AM - 9PM

Friday: 9AM - 9PM

Saturday: 9AM - 9PM

Sunday: 9AM - 9PM

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Alcohol: Beer, Wine, Liquor
Alcohol: Not at this location
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About this Store

At , we see ourselves as your neighborhood grocery store. Step inside and you'll find unconventional and interesting products in the Trader Joe's label like Mandarin Orange Chicken and Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, as well as everyday basics like milk, eggs and fresh produce. Most importantly, we offer all of our delicious, quality products at the very best prices. We’re happy to be part of your community, and proud to offer you unique products and an exceptional shopping experience, every day.

Read All About It

An orange, yellow, & white background is behind five different coated mini pretzels. The red Trader Joe's logo is at the top, just above the title that reads: 'Knot That One...' with the continuation of the title at the bottom, reading: 'THIS One!' A starburst in the top-right corner reads, 'Pick Our Next Pretzel!

Pick Our Next Pretzel

Trader Joe's chocolate covered pretzels come in different flavors & sizes, so we started thinking: What’s the next flavor our customers would love to try? We dreamt up four tasty, twisty options: Mocha Latté, Chocolate Donut, PB&J, and Birthday Cake—then asked our customers to vote for their favorite. Which pretzel flavor is your pick? Based on the results, the winning flavor will hit our shelves at the end of summer!

Believe-Eat-Or-Not Recipes