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14443 Culver Dr
Irvine, CA 92604

Monday: 9AM - 9PM

Tuesday: 9AM - 9PM

Wednesday: 9AM - 9PM

Thursday: 9AM - 9PM

Friday: 9AM - 9PM

Saturday: 9AM - 9PM

Sunday: 9AM - 9PM

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Alcohol: Beer, Wine, Liquor
Alcohol: Not at this location
About this Store

Trader Joe's Irvine - Walnut Village Ctr (37)

At Trader Joe's Irvine - Walnut Village Ctr (37), we see ourselves as your local neighborhood grocery store. Step inside and you'll find unconventional and organic products in the Trader Joe's label like Mandarin Orange Chicken, Cauliflower Gnocchi, and Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, as well as everyday basics like organic milk, eggs, meat, and organic produce. We are a good source for great cheese, beer, wine, and liquor, and we offer a vibrant selection of fresh flowers daily. Most importantly, we offer all of our delicious, quality products at the very best prices. We're happy to be part of your community, and proud to offer unique products at prices everyone can afford, every day.

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Front page of the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer

Fall Fearless Flyer

Fall has arrived, and at Trader Joe's, that means it's time for our annual Awesomely Autumnal Pumpkin-palooza! The pages of our latest Fearless Flyer are positively packed with pumpkin pomp & circumstance-plus plenty of (not-so-pumpkin-y) festive fall delights. From much-loved classics like our Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix, to new arrivals like our Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce, this Flyer really delivers the goods. And the goods are gourd-geous. Let the pumpkins roll, people!

Believe-Eat-Or-Not Recipes